24/7 Support: +61 476 142 858


24/7 Support: +61 476 142 858


About Us

Seenow Foundation is an independent private African philanthropic organisation committed to improving the quality of life for disadvantaged Africans, by supporting primarily health and education interventions implemented by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), faith-based organisations, youth organisations, women’s groups and similar groups working in Nigeria.

The Foundation was established in 2016 by Felix Omosun, a Business man and Music Producer. In 2018 The Foundation became fully operational and has continued to make grants.

Our Mission

The Seenow Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Africans by supporting initiatives that improve access to health, educational opportunities and poverty eradication.

Our Vision

An Africa where all people have access to affordable quality health care, education and equal opportunities to realize their potential.

Main Goals

  • Enhance community health care by providing free medical services to rural communities which lack adequate medical facilities;
  • Improve the quality of education of children and young people (18 years and younger);
  • Alleviate the extreme poverty in communities across the continent by providing clean drinking water, and encouraging the education/empowerment of women.
  • Empowering the Youths to be productive and useful to their society


The Foundation operates with the following core values:

  • Informed and responsive grant making
  • Community involvement
  • Government participation
  • Accountability to beneficiaries
  • Encourages innovation
  • Promote philanthropy in Africa