24/7 Support: +61 476 142 858


24/7 Support: +61 476 142 858


Community Health Initiative

In June 2018 the strategic focus of Seenow Foundation on Community Health as the greater priority was affirmed. Support for medical, health-related, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation including water-for-wellbeing projects will be maintained.

Free Medical Missions & Campaigns

Seenow Foundation sponsors free medical missions. These free missions and camps remain our flagship projects.    

New medical campaign ideas will be entertained which FOCI will reflect lived realities from one year to the next. In the last two years we have focused on Cancer and Hepatitis.

Health System Strengthening

The successful support for strengthening health systems to deliver better health care services will be continued. Primary Health Centre upgrades and renovations, and community health provider (TBAs, CHEWs, etc) capacity and function will be continued.


Good or improved health cannot be maintained in the absence of water. Our water-for-wellbeing programme will support projects that ensure the availability of water in water poor rural communities. Hand pump rehabilitation was a major dimension of this programme in the first strategic plan period.  

Neglected (and Emergent) Tropical Diseases

Support for interventions in the area of Neglected Tropical Diseases predated Seenow Foundation and we will continue to support it.